A Disclaimer: Here We Begin

Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, BC | Treensbert Churchmouse, 2017

This is the birth of West Coast Wandering, and being a birth, it will be a tad messy, a tad confusing, a tad slippery, and will likely involve a whole lot of yelling and changes. Being my first birth, I ask you to bear with me. The About section mentions a little of what I plan to write about, but here it is in short: everything and anything to do with Vancouver, beautiful BC, and, when I am so lucky, exploring outside the country.

In a way, this my draft, a place to learn to communicate what I see and experience to those who might find it of interest. I hope to share my wanderings around Vancouver and area, and to hopefully (maybe one day) be able to progress further into what I enjoy doing, rather than what I kind of have to. It’s funny that no matter how many times you are made aware that what you enjoy you can’t live off of, you somehow end up sweating for it all the same.

Because this is new for me, it might be a rocky start, but I hope that as the entries number there will be more to perk your interest, whether you are from the area or a flight away. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share or let me know.

Tell me when there’s more!

Published by Treensbert Churchmouse

I'm a European-born individual, raised on the west coast of Canada in beautiful BC, and a Vancouverite at heart. I love the world of city, sea, and mountain we are lucky to have, thanks to many years of some proper tectonic plate action. Vancouver is a vast, thriving west coast city, balanced perfectly with the peace of the wild surrounding it. That said, I love to explore, but also to escape! I'm a writing and travel enthusiast and have a good foot wedged into the tourism industry (it only follows, if one is a travel junkie). I hope to share what I see and learn about my experiences with those who might like to try the same.

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